My name is Patience {I'm extremely impatient, ask anyone that knows me}.  I'm married to the man of my dreams aka Joshy Bobby. Combined we have 4 children, somewhat of a modern day Brady bunch. I'm lucky enough to be with our kiddos most of the time. In my free time I obsess {to put it lightly} over all things home decor and fashion related. I have champagne taste, but enjoy using a beer budget instead. Love thrifting, finding those special one of a kind treasures. You can find me in gw on a bi-weekly/monthly basis on 50% off day, carrying my LV bag and possibly wearing red bottoms {most times with my gaggle of children}.  The adrenaline rush of finding something amazing is completely addicting, resulting in me begging Joshy Bobby to pick it up  -  and of course is why 50% or more furniture in our home has been found on CL. The unique pieces get some TLC by yours truly, then find their perfect place and set the stage for dance parties and crazy family nights in our home.

Join me as I share my journey to a glam home and fabulous closet, I promise not to disappoint.
Feel free to follow stalk me on Facebook, pinterest, bloglovin, or shoot me an email at whitelacquer@gmail.com.

Love to hear from you.

Xx. Patience


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