Privacy Policy

Your privacy is no joke. Which is why your email address or any other private information will never be shared with anyone. Never ever Ever EVER.

The purpose for collecting each commenter’s email address (which truly will remain hidden once the comment is submitted) is so I know you’re a real person and not Mr. Roboto spammer, and so I can personally reach out to you if you’ve won a giveaway. And if you send me an email, the addy that you send it from will never be passed along either. That would just be super jerk face. So you won’t end up on some annoying mailing list or find tons of spam in your inbox.

If you write personal info like your full name or your email address in the body of your comment (or in the “Name” or “URL” field) this info can be viewed by anyone reading the comment section of that post. So don't be crazy.  Your email address, as entered in the “E-mail” section of the comment form, will remain completely hidden from view and will never be shared. What will I share? The love. Thanks for stopping by and showing me some!!!

Free to contact me at any time....I love it!


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