Monday, February 14, 2011

Since my love has to work late tonight....

We decided to celebrate Valentines Day with our 4 children yesterday.  Honestly, we like to celebrate as often as possible, because 1 time a year just isn't nearly enough.  Complete with home made cards and some quality time, we had a delightful day.

This photo was from the Vday dance...can you believe elementary schools have dances? 
I don't remember that....Of course it was tons of fun for the whole fam.  Thank goodness we don't embarrass them yet by our dancing....fingers crossed that never happens.

The day couldn't have been complete without heart shaped food according to Maddie, I was more than happy to oblige her request.  Check out the heart steak:

Looks a little better after being seasoned (my fav) and cooked.

Maddie insisted on having 5 tomatoes, a little OCD, not sure where she gets that from.  (Josh said she learned it from me in the last year....jury is still out on that one.)

Josh doesn't like he requested 0..weirdo.  The heart steak turned out great though & was a hit!

Don't forget to celebrate your loved ones everyday, as much as possible.  They are more than worth it!  Enjoy your day!!!



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