Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Spring is in the air!!!

Well, almost in the air.  It's time to start thinking about freshening up our homes.  That's right, spring cleaning!!!  I am a huge fan of the 15 minute rule, in fact, I've been following it the last few weeks and boy has it worked wonders.  Here is how I've leveraged it in my home...

Make a list of each room in your house.  Starting in order of which ever rooms need to be tackled first.

Grab some boxes/bags and label them with a permanent marker.  (some of mine are labeled:  donation/party, bedroom, kids, multipurpose room, and of course garbage and recycling)

Starting with the first room in your house, set a time for 15 minutes, then go crazy, I mean absolutely crazy cleaning/organizing.  Spend the entire 15 minutes in just that room.  If you find items you are done with, put them in the donate/party box.  If you are moving items to a different room, put them in such labeled boxes. 

The key is to not spend all day cleaning, but to spend a focused 15 minutes and really make it happen.  Feel free to repeat on a daily basis if necessary.  I know I have on many occasions.

Once the timer dings,i f you are up to moving on to the next room, make it happen!  If not, disperse said boxes and put items away in their new homes.

I am really looking forward to having a home decor swapping party with my items I'm ready to pass on.  Not to mention, any items that aren't claimed at the party, will find a new home at GW...and I'll be skipping away happily with my tax receipt.



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