Saturday, April 16, 2011

Giveaway!!!!! Thats right, its Swag Saturday!!

Every now and then, I plan on hosting a FAB giveaway.....which means, one of my lucky readers has the opportunity to win something spectac! 

For my first giveaway, I wanted it to be something special, unique and glamorous!!!

And Rhi-Designed Boutique Hair Accessories fit the bill!!!  Meet Carrie (think SATC)
yellow rose buds with an assortment of feathers...(can I just keep it)

While chatting it up with Rhianna, proprietor of Rhi Designed, I couldn't help but be inspired by her innate talent and excitement for each unique piece she creates......just check out her Etsy shop!!!!  Each of her designs are handmade, one of a kind. If you have an idea, she'll make it. She makes custom creations for prom, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, gifts or any occasion.

She was also nice enough to let me play 21 questions with her:

WL:  What inspired you to create hair accessories? And how did you start?
RD:  Twice a year my best friend and I would go to the 4th Ave Street Fair in Tucson. As we would walk around, browsing the vendors, I would always talk about how amazing it would be to perfect a craft and travel the world sharing my vision. So, after finally graduating college, 2 long months of failed job searching, an extensive bucket list with only 2 slashes through it, I knew I had to fulfill more…the Create A Business task on my list. I’ve always been an entrepreneur and creative sole and could sleep and live in stores like Hobby Lobby and Michaels and never get bored. So, one day I went in to Hobby Lobby and let my creative juices flow. I picked up a few flowers, cut them up, and made them into hair clips. I wore them out and the response was bananas. That turned into 2 to 3 daily trips to Hobby Lobby and purchases of flowers, feathers, lace, and embellishments...etc. Soon my shoebox of flower clips turned into a large decorative box, then into a traveling case with 6 compartments.

WL:  How would you describe your style?

RD:  I have NO one set style…I am simple, outrageous, eclectic, I like what’s new, old… I love bright colors, pastels, super high heels, flats…the list goes on and on, I like it all.

WL:  Top 3 favorite movies?
RD:  The Hangover
Nightmare Before Christmas
The Exorcism of Emily Rose

WL:  What is your favorite item of clothing?
RD:  I can’t live without my black Fendi sunglasses!

Ok, back to do you enter, you ask?  Up to 6 different ways per person!

* become a fan of White Lacquer on Facebook

*friend request Rhi Designed on Facebook

*repost the give away link on your Facebook

*recommend a friend on Facebook

*become a follower on the White Lacquer blog

*comment on this post and tell us what you did

You have until April 29th to enter, the winner will be chosen by and announced on April 30th!!

Good luck!!!



P.S.  Here are a few of my favs from her Etsy shop:

Monroe: Ranunculus with a Peacock Feather. In Purple or Cantaloupe. Free Worldwide ShippingGeraldine- 2 large Tan Poppy w/ Dark Purple Feather on a Dark Brown Satin Headband- Free Worldwide ShippingLillian- Vintage Style Glass Button Bobby Pins- Free Worldwide Shipping

*Mention you entered the giveaway and receive free shipping on your next Rhi-Designed purchase!!!


  1. I reposted the link on my facebook, hope others join!

  2. I'm following now, repost and commenting.....please let me win, please let me win....ha ha!




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