Friday, May 13, 2011

ceramic obsession? I think so!

When it comes to ceramics....I love them all!  Specifically animals and heads evidently.

Ceramic Animal Heads
Like this whole wall of ceramic animal heads from williams sonoma.

and this one from 10 Answers.

How amazing is this little hippo?

Love the larger scale of this if only I could get my paws on one.  Pun intended....

Which brings me to my fabulous find at an estate sale....oh, probably about a month ago.  Obviously I'm behind on some things....but hey, it happens.  I have 4 children running around 24/7, and usually a few extras on any given day.  I digress.....I found this fabulous peacock!

I'm thinking of spray paintng it maybe a lovely shade of aqua.....or maybe a bright kelly green.  Any suggestions?




  1. Love that first image! Haven't been able to convince my husband on the animal head front. :(

  2. Me too!!! I'm in the middle of planning a wall now, 3 down, thinking 4 to go, but who knows, as all my plans, they are ever evolving. Maybe if it turns out fabulously, your husband will change his mind. :)



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