Monday, May 23, 2011

Sometimes you just need a break.....

or I did at least from the painting mayhem known as our house.  And by mayhem, I mean, I have turned into the crazy painting lady.  Seriously.  I went from painting shelves that feel like they will never actually be done, to painting trim....why do I do this to myself?

So on Saturday, Joshy Bobby had to work, I was in the middle of my frenzy and realized I need to run a couple errands.  Thank god my children are well behaved, so off we went.  Since GW happened to be right by one of these said errands, I saw the 50% off sign and couldn't resist.  Yes, my name is Patience, and I'm addicted to GW....knowing is half the battle?  Anyway, as I was on my usual once over (I have to work my way through twice, just in case I miss any treasures, weirdo, I know), I came to the lighting section and saw these:

Yes, you read that tag right, $1.99+50% off.  What you might not be able to tell from the picture, they are cast iron and absolutely amazing!  To put things lightly, I fell hard, I was in love with 2 sconces.  The serendipitous part of it, is that I was having a hard time finding new lamps for our bedroom night stands, and not 4 days before mentioned to Joshy Bobby:  maybe we should think about sconces?  Boom, I found these babies and at a dollar a piece, I pretty much did the running man and the cabbage patch simultaneously.  Yes, I get that excited.  I'm tempted to leave them as is, once the space needs some freshening, I'll pull out some spray paint.

Then, whilst beaming about my sconces, I was stopped dead in my tracks by these 2.  I frantically took a pic, and sent them to Joshy for approval.  You see, we try to make most decisions together on items I bring that are brought home.  Mostly because I get a little excited when I find treasure at amazing prices.  At $6.50 total for 2 working lamps, he was easily talked into it.  Maybe he felt bad for not agreeing to the lamp I wanted to order for $250?  Ha ha, thank goodness he didn't.  Don't worry about the colors, I have huge spray paint plans for both of them....once I decide on a room they will be in.

Did you come across any sweet finds this weekend?



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