Thursday, October 27, 2011

Things I wants....birthday round up!!!

If you know me, you know that I'm into birthdays....big time.  Not just my own though, I love finding the perfect gift my lovies also.  Since tomorrow is the big day for moi, I thought I would take a moment to show you things I'm lusting over....

First up....this fab LOVE print....I can't get enough of it.  In every sense of the word, its perfect.  The only issue, is where I would put it. (because there are like 13 locations that it would fit immaculately, and if I want 13 of the same, who's to stop me?)  You can pick yours up here.  I think Jen @ made by girl and I are supposed to be bff's....I'm not creepy or anything.  Gawsh.


This brass sea urchin is just what I need!

Brass Urchin Accent - SmallBrass Urchin Accent - Small
Evidently I'm addicted to anything brass/gold....because I am swooning for this brass colored pencil set.
Colored Pencils And Brass Holder Set
And last but not least.....Python tray.....I want you most of all!  There is something so glamorous and eye catching about this tray....its versatility has me dreaming of using it on my bar hold perfume....or on one of my end tables with a candle and ikat bowl.    So many options, now that I think of it, I might need 3.
Python Trays


*all photos added to my pinterest


  1. Get a brass urchin. I move mine around my house all the time. My tray is still growing on me. I love it but, not like the urchin. PS. where in the WORLD did you find your head board. I would totally trade my bed for that any day. gorgeous.

  2. Happy Birthday!!!! Hope you have a beautiful day!

  3. Love all your selections - the brass urchin is gorgeous, what a perfect accessory!

    Hope your birthday is super smashing wonderful! xxx

  4. No way! We have (almost) the same birthday! :) I hope it was fabulous for you!

  5. cute selections, a lot of my faces too...thank you for linking back :)))



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