Thursday, November 3, 2011

Things I wants.....

Sometimes I look on CL in random locations...does that make me a weirdo?  I just like to know whats going on in other areas...if they have better furniture, collectibles.....and of course homes!  So, I came across this gem:

image 0

*built in 1884 (YES!!)
*Queen Anne brick
*6 original fireplaces (SWOON!!!)
*pocket doors
*marble vanities
*parquet floors
*4576 sq ft
*private yard
*100 plus acre park across the street
*mistress bedroom (psssh, what?!  more like amazing walk in closet!)
*just under 1.6 mill { :( }

Really wishing there were more pics for me to drool over....but these next 3, had me at hello. 

image 1

image 2

image 3

Already decorating the whole place in my head.
Babe, lets move to Harlem!!!!  So far....Joshy Bobby isn't going for it.  Could be the price tag....or could be that he isn't impressed with Harlem.....either way, with some TLC, this gorg brown stone would be amazing to call home!!!  We could be neighbors with the Huxtable's....pretty sure watching the Cosby's is how this obsession with brownstones began.  Baby wants it bad.




  1. Yes, that would be a great space to outfit!!

  2. This home is incredible!! I would love to live in a home like this come day!



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