Monday, November 7, 2011

Tuesday at my home....quick pic

This past weekend we picked up this amazing settee....I've only been wanting one since I was a child. Thanks to Joshy Bobby, that dream has come true. I am one lucky girl! It's a light greenish color day it will either be white or gray velvet, but for now, we'll enjoy it as it. I scrubbed it down with folex cleaner (my fav).




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  1. Patience that settee is amazing! This room is looking incredible. So lucky to have gotten such a beautiful find... I'd love to see a full shot of this room now. Can you send me one so I can post it on my blog?

  2. Gorgeous!! It adds so much personality to the room! I love it the color it is too.

  3. Oh my god, what a find! I love the lines and the tufting - swoon swoon swoon!! Your living room is stunning :) More pics please for the rest of us too hehehe xx



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