Thursday, December 15, 2011

things I wants.....Crazy Wonderful


Shelley happens to be the owner Crazy Wonderful which is super fantastic.  We like to bond over her series: Inside my bag.  Seriously love it, I'm nosy, what can I say?  I like to see what people carry around.  :) 
Check out Shelley's bag:

I think we might be twins. 

She just recently painted her doors black....I'm jealy...I want black doors also (HOA is my arch nemesis).

Without further ado (or anymore of my weird random facts), take it away Shelley!


Thank you so much Patience for letting me take over your blog for a bit and drool over some things I've been well... drooling over

I've been wanting to get my hands on a cape this year and this one is perfection.  I'm pretty sure I could immediately look pulled together if I threw it on.  Ok, hopefully look pulled together.

 And, it would look perfect with these Hunter Wellies I've wanted FOR-EVER

I'm pretty sure this chandelier could change the way our family eats.  I would make the most fabulous meals just so we could sit in the dining room and eat under this beauty.  Well, maybe not make crazy meals, but I think even Mac & Cheese would look better if eaten under this beauty:

And, when looking for this years' Christmas party dress I came across this one. She has my heart going pitter patter.

Lastly, I've got my eye on this print for my little girl's room. Just a little reminder that her daddy and I will love her.

Thanks again for having me!



Make sure you stop by Crazy Wonderful and say hi to Shelley!!!




  1. Thanks again for having me over today Patience! I have good news to report - Santa showed up early this year with one of my wants! No more wet feet :D

  2. Oh Shelley, you and I are like soul mates...or just present soul mates...whatever. But I think I need everything on this list! Great guest and hope you and yours are having a happy holiday season!

  3. Oooh I love black doors as well - have been considering painting all our internal doors black too... mmmm

    That chandelier is all sorts of fantastic!!




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