Thursday, December 22, 2011

things I wants.....the Scott's crib!!

The Scott's Crib

I was lucky enough to come across Latoya and her crib through a linky party....and for the life of me I can't remember which one...oops.  I immediately fell in love with her creativeness and money saving tips.  Like myself, she painted her kitchen cabinets and like I want to do, she stenciled her pantry....with toilet paper rolls!  Pure genius!

She also have a love of thrifting.  Obsessed with her new tray!!!


Hey ya’ll! I’m Latoya, the mama cribber over at The Scott’s Crib and I was super psyched when Patience asked me to write about the things I want! I had to go to my pin board and pick out my best stuff to share with you today because of course Patience has style and I wanted to show her that I at least have a little bit of style myself.

I am super cheap and these things are currently on my wish list. Either a wish that I hope my husband will fulfill for Christmas and/or birthday or a wish that I hope to fulfill myself on one of my not so cheap feeling days.

The first item is gradually becoming a necessity. I need a new camera. This one will do the trick…oh and the lens, I'll be needing that too!

A girl also wants this (take notes hubby)…this is a lovely lovely necklace by Rachel Stewart and come on, it’s super affordable at only $29 buckos!

Image of Natural necklace in wood gold and silver

Now enough of what I want, what about crib wants (needs) or however you wanna put it? I was told that these things are awesome and easy to clean especially for those with messy children. I’ll take sme for each room please!


Last but not least I would love it if my living room would somehow pull itself together and reflect this style as shown here.

This room reflects my current color scheme but for some strange reason it isn't pulling together too well. Hopefully one day I can bring some prettiness into the room with colorful table decor but as of right now there is a toddler cribber that is preventing that dream from coming true.

Well that's pretty much it for the list of the things I want (at least for the moment). Thanks so much for having me because it was a blast reflecting on all of the things I wish I had right now. Delayed gratification people, delayed gratification...


Thank you so much for sharing Latoya!!!  I am in desperate need of a new camera also!!  For more of Latoya, head on over to the Scott's Crib!!!




  1. Thanks for sharing your wants my list is entirely too long lol I love the pops of color in your inspiration room.And where did you get your lil wire baskets?

  2. Hey Comeca, I picked them up at TJ maxx and Marshall's:)

  3. I love the items on your list Latoya! My daughter would love the "natural" necklace too! Your living room reminds me a lot of your inspiration picture. I love the fun pillows!



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