Friday, January 13, 2012

5 things.....

I can't get enough of this week.....

1. this wallpaper from the Lonny mag preview...I feel like if I could have this in my house somewhere, it would be magical.  And you know I'm bonkers for bar carts.

2.  this fabulous outfit.....must.  replicate.  IMMEGIATELY.

Pinned Image

3.  secret stash of accessories.....I'm already collecting bowl.

Pinned Image

4.  multi color hair......ya, I said it.  It just seems so fun and whimsical.  Stop being so serious.

Pinned Image

5.  and last but def not least.  One of my fav girls ever, Tina, is officially an amazing photographer.  I'm addicted to looking at her pics.  If you're in Washington state....check her out stat.




  1. Pink + White + Gold = SWOON!!!

    Love the little bowl idea, if only I had any room in my drawers to do this lol

    That outfit is all kinds of wonderful.

    That wallpaper is just insane. Barcart = <3

    Have a great weekend darlin xxx

  2. LOVE that loepard print skirt. This is such a cute post! :)

  3. I've been loving bar carts myself! That hair is so fun. (although I'm sure that I could never do it!)

  4. These things are so exquisite and inspirational! I love the idea of using bowls to organize a drawer and the outfit with clutch and nails are divine! -Jessica



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