Friday, February 10, 2012

14 days of Blogosphere Love + 5 things

The mastermind behind 14 days....Latoya is hosting today, so head on over to The Scott's Crib!!!

5 things.....

1.  I was ridiculously excited to see my office on Made By Girl....still pinching myself.  You see, Jen is a huge reason I wanted to start blogging.  She's fabulous.  Anyhooo,  I can't get enough of my LOVE print.....dying to add a few more, is that crazy?  You can see the pic here and get your own LOVE print here.

2.   My chevron rug came!!!  {so did those fab gray+white leopard pillows from C Wonder, which are on a ridiculously amazing sale right now}  and my BFF Cerita shared a snap shot of it on Wednesday, check that out here.

3.  Have you heard of the site Nasty Gal?  I know what you're thinking....and I promise you its really just fabulous fashion, at a spectac price.  There have been packages delivered almost every day this week, from the rug and pillow cases to clothing.  Retail therapy.  I digress, so I've really been in a fashion slump, like real bad.  I decided to add a few pieces to put a pep back in my step.  These were the winners:

Lawn Party Blouse
I also picked up orange and pink.  I'm thinking they are perfect for dressing up or down.  Am I the only one that likes something and purchases multiple colors?

Zebra Bow Dress
zebra celebration!!

Spotted Shoulder Blouse

Looks like blouses and jean shorts will be my go to this summer.

4.  Bangs....I'm obsessed with them.  I have been off and on with them my whole life.  {Currently off, thinking I wants them.  BAD}  Cute right?

Pinned Image

5.  I came across this print on Pinterest and am super excited to add it to both my boys' rooms.

Pinned Image

Have a fabulous weekend!!!




  1. Love your new rug and pillows! I saw your office on Made by Girl - so fun!

  2. Love the rug and pillows, was uber excited for the Made by Girl shout out, am loving you got some new threads and we need to chat and catch up!

  3. Ooooh WOW a shout out from Made By Girl is the BIG TIMES baby!! Your office space does look just amazing, that print is perfection.

    Also? That rug and those cushions are just AWESOME!! I so love the progression of this room, it's looking amazing.

    Oh and one more thing! BANGS! I keep thinking of doing the same - my other half doesn't like them but then I look at Zooey bloody Deschanel lookin' all cute and sexy and I WANT.




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