Thursday, February 24, 2011

GW, you're my best friend!!!

Just thought I'd share some of my sweet finds with you....from 50% off day!!  Yes, I am a little late, I actually made these purchases on the 12th, but better late than never?  Give a girl a break...I've been freshening our kitchen.

I just couldn't pass up this silver candle stick...with just a little polishing, it will be fabulous!

For $1, I know I can put this to good use...was thinking maybe paper clips on my desk, safe place for rings and bracelets or for keys?

This 50 cent beauty was all mine the second I saw it.  I'm actually tempted to leave as is for now.

The first piece in my milk glass obsession:

These antique candy dishes reminded me of my great grandmother...always filled with delicious lemon drops.

I've always wanted one of these...and now I have one.  Not sure yet what this will be used for, but once I do, I'll be sure to share.  

All of these sweet items came to a grand total of $10.82....



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