Thursday, February 24, 2011

While searching for the perfect cabinet knobs...

I came across this fab website...thought it worthy of sharing.  My search of course went from knobs for our kitchen cabs, to all kinds of other items my little heart desires....what can I say, I can get really excited! 

My mind started drifting off to daydreaming about items for the office, now known as our multipurpose room.  I started looking for sofas.....since it doubles as a guest room.  And came across quite a few that just might work.

Sectional Sleeper Sofa with Storage and Pillows Dark Brown Microfiber
LOVE IT!  And very reasonably priced I might add, but I worry it might be a little to large for our small space.

This one is fab.  I picture it dressed up with about a million pillows...and with a price tag of $169, this might be the winner.

Somehow very fluidly, I switched from the sofa search to lighting.  I haven't quite figured out what I would like in the MP exactly.  I'm looking for a lamp for our desk and possibly replacing the over head as well.  I guess it will all just depend on what inspires me.  I did however enjoy looking at this line by Candice Olson, come on people, you know I'm addicted HGTV.  So, when I saw her line, I immediately had to investigate and was pleasantly surprised to say the least. 

Candice Olson Jean Table Lamp
As you can see, I haven't quite committed to a theme as of yet...but the hunt is half the fun!




  1. ok you! Get outta my head!!! LOL

    I just bought two lamps on Tuesday that are VERY similar to the first lamp you posted. Mine are the ball shaped one's though.

  2. You must be my design twin!!! I am actually thinking I want brass ball shaped lamps in our bedroom! You'll have to put up pics.



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