Friday, February 25, 2011

Is it spring yet?

I can't help but feel excited for the warm weather to soon be upon us.  Spring in Arizona is one of the best times of year!  Perfect temps, here we come!  It also has these images running through my mind:

Glass 16 Inch Cloche

Circle Garden-10.5 Diameter

Raised 48 x 96 x 6 Rectangular Garden Beds

36 " Raised Garden Planters-Desert Clay

Ellis Planters-Weathered Grey-Stone

Mesa Large Cast Stone Planters

Elizabethan Troughs

Geo Cube Planters
I also really loved this adorable set.

All these fabulous planters came from this sweet site I came across.  They have a huge selection, all fabulously priced (you know thats my fav!).  Everything from concrete to fiberglass planters were available to my hot little finger tips with one click. And when ordering online, its important there is an easy return process, not that I'll need to return any of the amazing stuff I've ordered.  :)
Something I've been wanting to learn start, is gardening.  It can take a mediocre outdoor space, to something fabulous!  Not to mention in these economical times, how smart would it be to grow your own veggies?  Both my parents have this spectac green thumb...maybe it skips a generation?  Any how, after checking everything out here, I can't help but have this longing to be surrounded by flowers and possibly a vegetable garden.

I'm sure I will be more appreciative now that I am older to have fresh tomatoes right in my very own backyard.  If you would have asked me 20 years ago (when my parents were growing large mutant tomatoes, I would have said something like this:  Tomatoes?  YUCK!  Now, I make a caprese salad almost daily, funny how things change.

Any gardening advice is more than welcome, green thumbers, that means you!!



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