Friday, March 4, 2011

Fireplace in progress...

If you've been to my house in the last few weeks, you have probably heard my evil plan that has in fact hatched as of 2 weeks if I could just get ZGallerie to ship my items, it would be in full effect.

Since our home was not blessed with a fireplace.....I purchased this one:

I apologize for the poor quality, I really should invest in a fabulous camera (I have had a Canon in my Amazon cart for idk how long now) instead of using my iPhone.

Now that you know what I'm working with.....I'll tell you more about my vision.  I ordered this fabulous item from Urban...and it came in just 48!  Thankfully Josh loves puzzles and had it together in no time all whilst playing with our big 8 month-er.


Now, picture above this sweet little fireplace, this fab cardboard buck with a white ceramic ram and moose.  Swoon right?  Maybe its just me, but I must admit I run to the mailbox can't wait to check the mail everyday.

Also, I saw this picture the other day at apartment therapy, and of course, reignited my excitement to receive my orders....and be on the hunt for more...maybe the whole wall?

Or maybe Josh's fab sister aka amazing artist, can create something with her sweet pottery skills.  Any who, I'll keep you updated as it all comes together.



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