Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Loving vacation....

Nothing beats spending time with family and friends.  However, I must admit I have also been able to take advantage of some sweet little antique shops/second hand stores also.  Which have me once again obsessing over settees.  This started when I was about 5, I believe.  My grandparents had the most fabulous pair in their living room, and I have yet to get over them.

As you can see, I have saved quite a collection of them.  I'm just itching to find one with great bones to give new life.....thinking something in white burlap.  You prob remember from here, my love for it.  If I had my way, no room would be complete with out one....good thing Josh put the Kibosh (sp?) on that one.




  1. That last white settee is dreeeeeamy. :)

  2. I was swooning over it too, Kelly!!!! Wants it!



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