Saturday, April 30, 2011

Swag Saturday!!! Winner Winner Chicken dinner!!!

And the winner of the fabulous custom creation by Rhi-Designed is......(drum roll please...)

Auggie Lopez!!!!

This gorgeous item is on its way!!!
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Its not too late to scoop up your own Rhi-Designed unique accessory.  How can you choose just one?

Anatasia- Large White Peony- Free Worldwide ShippingWendy- Medium Sized Daffodil- Free Worldwide ShippingMia- Extra Large Blue Dhalia- Free Worldwide ShippingCoco: Bundle of white Delphium with a Peacock and Black Crow Feather. Free Worldwide ShippingBelinda: Bundle of Purple Delphinium with a Peacock Feather. Free Worldwide ShippingAshley: 3 Paper Roses on a Black Sequined Headband - Free Worldwide ShippingShelbie- 1 Large Yellow Zinnia and 1 Small Yellow Zinnia on a Blue Headband- Free Worldwide ShippingGeraldine- 2 large Tan Poppy w/ Dark Purple Feather on a Dark Brown Satin Headband- Free Worldwide ShippingAbbie- Arrangement of Delicate Sparkly Paper Flowers on Hair Comb - Free Worldwide ShippingGinger- Bundle of Dogwood Flowers w/ a Della Fantasia Feather- Free Worldwide ShippingSimone: Bundle of Delphinium w/ a Della Fantasia feather. In Red w/ Cream or Cream w/Plum- Free Worldwide Shipping

Check out her Etsy shop here.
Follow her journey here on Facebook.

On a side note, I can't believe this is my 100th post.  I started blogging mostly as a place to put down my thoughts and store some of the inspirational pics I've had filed on my laptop....and I must say, I'm extremely thankful for all the amazingly creative people I've come across and their ideas/projects that truly inspire me.  Thank you to any and everyone that has enjoyed this journey with me.  Not that anyone actually reads it, except Joshy Bobby, my dad and Joshy's former Mom.  You see, I stole her from him the first day we met.  Nonetheless I'm having tons of fun and appreciate all the support and feedback.



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