Saturday, May 21, 2011

Since I've been busy.....

I just might owe an apology to my readers.  (thank you so much for following and also emailing me to see where I've been).   I think I speak for most of us design lovers when I say our homes are ever evolving.....which is what has kept me away.  I've been in the middle of juxta-positioning some things, in addition to painting some new CL finds, a million kid activities, and a visit from my out of town brother.  Unfortunately, I dropped him off at the airport last night (Come back right meow!!!!)

Any who, I digress....Its funny how just moving a couch, or switching an end table can make things feel so fresh and new.  And what can I say, I'm addicted to that rush!  Although, I'm not ready for a reveal, I thought I would leave you with some pics that helped inspire some changes in our home.

living rooms - cushions green vase walnut coffee table yellow drapes yellow gourd lamp  neutral couch, printed cushions, colour!  Oatmeal modern

living rooms - furniture  living room furniture

I've had this fab set of vintage chairs (possible replicas) for about 7 years now....I had decided to live with them as is for a while, but I think I just might finally be ready to paint and reupholster them....especially after checking these out:


Black and White Chairs

With so much inspiration, how will I ever decide what to do with them?

Here is one in their current state....they desperately need a makeover, any suggestions? 

I thought about painting them, Kristy over at Hyphen Interiors did, and look how fabulous her chair turned out here.

Feel free to leave a comment on suggestions or shoot me an email

Thank you in advance!!



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