Thursday, May 19, 2011

subway tile in the kitchen....I heart you!

Joshy Bobby and I have been on the hunt for the perfect back splash ever since we started out kitchen adventure.  (you can check that out here)  I think we have finally decided on subway tiles and concrete counters.  Just check out the 2 lovely pics below....Gorg!!  I love the shelf instead of cabinets....maybe we will get rid of the 2 on either side of our window....




  1. I was so excited to hear on HGTV that subway tile is relatively affordable compared to other tile! This made my day because I love it. So clean and fresh looking.

  2. Me too!!! Can't wait for it to fit in the budget. I'll probably have to start looking for classes to take on tiling walls...ha ha.

  3. Love this, especially the splashback in first kitchen.Thanks for sharing, have a wonderful weekend! Sasha x



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