Wednesday, May 25, 2011

whats up?

Painted ceilings!!!!  Or the 5th wall as some call it.  After seeing these pics...I'm completely imagination is already running wild.  Which ceiling in my house should I paint first?   Who cares if I haven't finished the shelves or baseboards?

painted ceiling Sills Huniford

Black Plank Ceilings Defines Edges and Scale

Have you painted any of your ceilings a different color?



1. Sara Story Design  2. Sills Hunford  3. Houzz  4. Domino  5. Elle Decor 6. desire to inspire


  1. no, but I have continued the wall colour up the wall and on to the ceiling; it really makes a small space feel larger.

    I need to get brave and paint my dining room ceiling. I can't decide which direction to go in :(

  2. Love this post! I've been liking painted ceilings more and more - I like it as a single pop of color.

  3. Oh, and totally forgot - thank you so much for your sweet comment last week! I'm so glad you follow my blog!

  4. Mel- your dining room is amazing!!! A bright kelly green would look pretty fabulous!!!

    Kristy- I'm right there with you! Thinking of trying it in a bathroom or our office. I love your blog! Its a must read for me. :)



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