Thursday, May 5, 2011

Yahtzee!!! Royal headboard love!!!!

You may remember my countless posts obsessing literally about bedrooms....(you can find some of them here) I thought to myself...why not add just one more, but this time with a little progress!!!

Here are some of the headboards that have caught my eye (I had to edit quite a few...because who actually needs to see 37 in 1 post?), but I just wanted to show somewhat of my process on how the one I have now came to be.  Its been a long journey, and fortunately, my bff Cerita, came across a headboard I've been dreaming about!!!

I love the clean lines, nail heads (?), and pattern of the first one.  And Obviously, I need to join some kind of anonymous club for my addiction to things being painted white, so only natural I fell hard for the second bed.



Joshy Bobby brought home this beauty on Tuesday....Happy early Mother's day to me!!!  Other than cleaning the mustard velvet, this gorgeous headboard is good to if I could just come up with a name......Queen Elizabeth maybe?

Thank goodness we already had buyers for our not so old platform bed.  Horrible pic, I know...but I had to snap just one more before he was dismantled.
I'll miss Harry, but he found a fabulous new home.  (Obv Josh wasn't going for my idea of storing it in the garage and rotate beds every few years, what can I say, I like to switch things up.)

I can't wait to get things under way, however I have to finish these ladies for the office/mp room first.

I'm thinking: sand + paint + new hardware.

Anyone want to come help sand?



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  1. Wow, that's an amazing headboard!!! Where'd they find it?



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