Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday at my home

I've been a super slacker recently.....no excuses, but there has been a lot going on in my life right now...including an unexpected surgery, so needless to say, I haven't been on point.  However, before things went amiss....I did tackle our entry.

I got an itch 6 or so weeks ago to do something about our dreadful foyer....and I mean AWFUL.  So bad, I don't even want to show you a before picture...yuck.  Ok, fine, I will, you twisted my arm.

Barf right?  It started out with just the frames and that black shelf....but it never quite felt right.  So I tried to add a buffet just to see what I thought.  I've had this one forever...but the scale was just way off.  It felt like an elephant in the room.  Sometimes when things don't turn out how I hope, I sit stagnant and wait, until an epiphany hits me.

I found this piece at gw on 50% off day of course about a year ago for $8...minesies.  So far, its perfect.  Its been in almost every room in my house other than bedrooms so far.  I can't decide if I want to paint it or not, its a little banged up, so eventually,it will probably receive a fresh coat of green, or maybe yellow.  You might remember me talking about that here.

So it went from this....

...to this.  And I could't be more happy about it. 

Lucky for me, the cost was actually zero dollars.  I've been collecting those gw mirrors for a few months now, same as old books (I can't be the only one that likes how they smell, right?)  I'm obsessed with moving things around to give me a fresh feeling.  (thank you Nate Berkus for agreeing)

It's by no means completed...check out the nasty carpet...one day, it shall be gorgeous wood, or maybe bamboo.  But as all things in our home, its a work in progress, ever changing.



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  1. Love the changes! Great job! I really want to paint some stripes in my powder room before Friday! HA! So tell me how hard was it? Did it take you days? weeks? months?

  2. Wow, huge changes! I love the stripes and how you've accessorized it!

  3. I'm such a sucker for stripes and you're look awesome! Totally changes the feeling in there, and your wall and table display is GORGEOUS :D


  4. Your stripes are stripetastic! i would love to paint them somewhere in my home, but i'm kind of lazy and think I'll go solid instead. I'm your newest follower! Yay! Come follow me back at www.alivedinhome.blogspot.com

  5. Love your stripes. I took mine down (well painted over them lol) as I just couldn't seem to accessorize, but you've done it well with all of your touches.



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