Thursday, August 25, 2011

Things I wants Thursday....

Can any body tell me why all the 8x10 rugs I fall in love with have to cost approx. 1 billion dollars?  Seriously?  Point in case....

 Ironwork Trellis Dhurrie Ruggorge trellis I love thee {$659}

 Grecian Maze Dhurrie Rug: 9 Colors

 Connect the Dots Dhurrie Rug:  3 Colors

Of course my pocket book is screaming NOOOOOO!  and it is really not kidding, not one bit.  I can't help but drool...I would take any of these 3....or case someone wants to give me a really nice birthday present...just throwing it out there.  A girl can hope right?

Might have to be a DIY project to add to my list.  Have you come across any fab rugs recently that don't break the bank?




  1. I've found some great and affordable rugs at West Elm. Completely obsessed with that store!

  2. Because you have excellent taste! Love those!!



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