Wednesday, September 21, 2011

wedding wednesday!!

Obsessed with these outdoor pics.  This is exactly the kind of ambiance I am hoping to replicate for our nuptials!  In case you're wondering...we haven't set a date or decided on a location as of yet.  You see, we live in AZ, and its H-O-T hot in the summer, so an outdoor wedding is out of the question.  But my family and some fab barns are up in Washington state, but in the state of rain, the only option would be summer time, and even that can be pushing it.  So, once we decide on a location....then we'll set the date. 

Perfect, right?  My thoughts exactly.  So if you know of any barns in AZ I could rent...and allow me to hang chandeliers...let me know stat!!



fabulous images via my pinterest

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