Friday, October 21, 2011

The Steam team review

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If you're like me with a house full of little ones, then you for sure need the services of the Steam Team ( Every 6 months or so, I either rent a carpet cleaner or have someone out to keep my carpets squeaky clean.  I'm not sure how carpets get so dirty, if only the rule of no shoes lasted longer than a month.   The great thing about them is, they will provide spot testing, spot stain removal, and carpet grooming.  I also recommend carpet protectant, especially in those high traffic areas!  They also have some tips available to remove those stains between their treatments.  Lets not forget, maintenance will provide longer life for your carpets.

More recently, I've been obsessed with the grout and tile steam cleaner, because lets face it, it's almost impossible to get it clean enough.  Nothing like having your grout back to its original color....right?!

In addition to loving things sparkly clean, I can't say enough how important it is for things to be sanitary also.  Nobody wants to think about the possible bacteria/mites/dust.  Ew.  So, for all your floor cleaning needs (even fire & water restoration and upholstery & leather cleaning), check out The Steam Team!!!



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