Wednesday, October 19, 2011

To WA and back

Just got back from our quick trip to the NW for my sisters baby shower. Somehow we weren't rained on once, super successful trip in my eyes.

In addition to baby shower fun, we worked on getting his room ready. My sister chose a cheery blue for the walls (but if her hubby asks, it's the blue he chose, ha ha) and an off white for the ceiling. Yesterday with our fams help, there are adorable polka dots on the ceiling....somehow I didn't get pics. Aw geez.

Anyhoooo, a couple additional highlights:

Spending time with my amazing niece, she just turned 11, is 3 inches shorter than me, and wears a size 9!

Kage slept the whole flight...both ways.

And how gorgeous is the view from the plane? Amazing.

That's all for today! Now to enjoy my fam and sleeping in my own bed. Nothing like coming home to a clean house and fresh flowers!



1 comment:

  1. I was thinking maybe you were missing in action. Glad you had a successful weekend and enjoy your clean home, flowers and family!



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