Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday at my home...

So, over the weekend...I got the itch to finally up cycle the end tables and lamps I had collected for our family room.  Its been a long time coming.

This is how they started....brown...boring.....blah.  The 3 b's.  YIKES!  Or in the lamps case, a funky green...that I somehow had actually grown attached to.  I must remember to not wait so long next time, I blame it on being used to them looking like the 70s....so it was comfortable.

I sprayed the end tables with bonding primer (after sanding of course...which is my least fav...), heirloom white, and gloss protectant.  Updated the hard ware with a fresh coat of gold.  The lamps were sprayed glossy black with gold.

Seriously addicted to stacking books.  Its like crack for me.

Close up of the fab texture.

This is what Kage tends to do whilst the staging and photos are being taken.  Pretty sure if paparazzi was ever to follow us...he wouldn't be impressed.



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  1. i love that second one with the open shelf especially- so chic!

  2. Major transformation here - it's amazing how much white paint will lift a piece! I love the lamp as well - so chic! x

  3. Great makeovers and I love the 2nd table with the opening at the bottom. But really, the boy stole the show ;)



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