Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday at my home....bar heaven

The weekend before heading to WA....I was making my usual rounds at GW (50% off day, my fav) and came across the holy grail of bar carts. I kid you not, I've been searching for around a year. After checking it out...I notice it's only $12, yes!!! I immediately drag it to the register, pay and safely put it in the Navi, before continuing shopping....dead serious. Sounds crazy, but I've seen people lose items to other buyers (not classy), just by leaving it by the register. I've been on cloud 9 ever since. You can prob tell by the 700 pics of it. Ha ha. I sprayed it gold of course, check out the before and after below.



Just for fun...here are a few more shots!



*all photos by me

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  1. Oh I love it! I want one! I am so happy for you and if you find another one, buy it and ship it to me! :) Are you leaving it white or painting it gold?

  2. NO WAY!!!! so awesome. I want one BADddd...

  3. *DYING A THOUSAND DEATHS* Oh my god. I can not believe you scored that for $12!!!! That is unbelievably gorgeous.

    I'm every shade of green. Lush, you lucky girl you! And it is FIT in gold!! xxx

  4. You scored big on this baby! Did you strip it and bring it back to it's original condition or did you spray it? What a beauty. People pay a small fortune for these now.

    Thanks for sharing all of your thrifty and amazing updates at the party. I appreciate that you joined in.

  5. Great find! Always nice to read a fellow AZ blog :) please tell me which GW you found this beauty at. Thank you!



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