Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hello 1983

I found this vintage book at GW this past weekend.  That's right....printed in 1983....the year of my birth.  for $1.50....I didn't hesitate to bring this sweet baby home.

Flipping through, I must admit I found many spaces I would LOVE to recreate in my own home.  I'm obsessed with bookshelves, so no surprise I can't get enough of the industrial/organic feel of the space below.

More delish bookshelves....and check out that spectac wall mounted lamp.  This pic makes me want to have shelving up to the ceiling with a neat industrial ladder to boot!

The couches somewhat scream 80s, but those side chairs scream to be put in my home.

I'm completely addicted to layering on flat surfaces....this coffee table in front of the fireplace will all their trinkets really fits the bill for me.  Not to mention they are 3 seperate tables lined up.

80's fabric all the way.  But if I could get my hands on some of those chairs for my dining table.....fresh coat of paint.....swoon!

Can you believe people had curtains like this in their home?  YIKES!  But that textured leather headboard with bamboo trim...hello gorgeous!!!!

Who doesn't LOVE a white kitch?  I want the chairs and table!!

My collection of coffee table books as it looks today...



*photos by Patience

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