Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Indoor Mushroom garden!

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You had me at mushroom er I mean hello!  If there is one thing I would really love to do more of, it would be gardening.  Currently, I do none.  But every time I pick up fresh produce, I cringe thinking about how much  I could be saving on growing my own.  Which would mean more cash flow for all those projects I'd love to do.  Recently I came across an indoor mushroom garden from Master Gardening.  
{ http://www.mastergardening.com/mushroom-garden/ } 
delicious pearl oyster mushrooms
Yum, right?  If I had it my way, I would eat sauteed mushrooms almost every day.  Dead.  Serious.  So after reading about it, I'm placing my order tonight.

Fabulous benefits:
low maintenance-mist twice a day
indoor growing
100% recycled coffee grounds and mushroom spores (seeds)
can grow all year long
multiple crops

So basically, I order it, put it in my window sill and mist it twice daily and I'll be enjoying fresh mushrooms in as little time as 10 days.  Can't argue with that! 
I'm already dreaming of all kinds of pasta with mushrooms.  Not to mention, omelets!!!  Do you have any favorite mushroom meals?
Maybe I need 2!!!  You can get yours here.

Have you checked out the Master gardening site before?  I'm also going gaga for their raised beds { http://www.mastergardening.com/raised-beds/ }.  Hoping to finally start that veggie garden I've been dreaming about this spring.  They are raised 12" high, perfect for soil to be added to produce a bountiful crop of healthy organic veggies!  I'm thinking tomatoes for sure!
Cedar Raised Garden Bed 34 W x 95 in L x 19 in H

And while I'm at it, I think I'll pick up a compost bin too!  { http://www.mastergardening.com/composting/ }
There are so many reasons composting is amazing, plus its super easy, most table scraps (other than meat) can be put in, along with yard waste.  I am coveting the counter compost pail for convenience and then I will be emptying it into the 90-gallon feel good composter in our yard.  Let the free fertilizing begin.

90 Gallon FeelGood ComposterStainless Steel Compost Pail



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