Thursday, November 10, 2011

things I wants......The Blooming Hydrangea

The Blooming Hydrangea

So, just in case you are getting bored (is that even possible?) with all the items I'm wanting/obsessing over....I thought it might be fun to hear about what some of my fellow blogging friends like/want/can't live without.  First up is Ange from The Blooming Hydrangea....she is responsible for one of my absolute favorite blogs....has the creative gene.....if you don't believe me, check out her cloffice and bathroom:

and is one of my blogging best friends forever {BBFF}, yes, that just happened.

Anyhoooo, here we go!


Good Morning Peeps!  I am so excited to be guest posting over here with one of my awesome Blogging Friends or as we call ourselves BBFF, Patience, who blogs at White Lacquer!  Isn't she the best? I just love her bar cart she found the other day at Goodwill and am hoping one day she finds one for me as well. Shipping might be a little spend but it will be worth it!  Plus, what about that settee?  Gorgeous isn't it?  This girl has style! 

Today I'm going to share with you a few things that I love and some things I have on my want list!

To start things off, I'm going to be a bit pracitcal because I am a mom.  I really want a pretty mudroom that also hides the items of four kids.  I am so tired of shoes, hats and mittens being scattered all over the mudroom floor.  I am hoping to make something like this soon, as in before my kids graduate high school!

Pinned Image

So maybe that was a little too practical, right?  All practicality and reasoning aside, I want this, for reals. In fact, I want this real bad.  Maybe Santa will bring me a nice shiny new camera for Christmas, one can hope right! 

 Pinned Image

Ok, this is a little silly but I really would love to have an owl.  Even better how about an owl with glasses?

Pinned Image

Any DIYer that loves to paint things, can not live without their trusty spray paint!  Even better than that, I can't spray without my sprayer handle.  It is a must have for me and I love it! Just try it and see how your finger doesn't feel bruised after pressing on spray paint triggers for hours at a time.

Pinned Image

I already own three pairs of boots but I think these might make my collection complete, love these! In fact, I pinned them twice.

Pinned Image

I love Salted Caramel, is anyone else obsessed with this as well?  Just look at this goodness mixed with chocolate, is there anything better?

Pinned Image
Ange@thebloominghydrangea  via Vivienne Wagner via blooming on bainbridge

or how about this, hello gorgeous! Get in my belly! My favorite, frosting mixed with caramel and salt! We have a winner!

Pinned Image

I just had to wipe drool off my keyboard so I could finish this post.  If you want to make me some of that yummy goodness and send it to me, I'll email you my address.  Seriously. Because if you happen to look at the directions, it takes time to make these and I don't know if I have that amount of time right now. I need to finish painting all the oak trim in my house first.
Finally, I can't make it through the day without my phone.  I joined the world of s
mart phones in September and now I don't know I lived without it.  I use the Google Reader app on my phone so I can read while waiting at an appointment, in the bathroom, yes it's true or even during a really boring meeting.  Shhh, don't tell.  I use the internet to look up coupons for stores like The Childrens Place, Joann Fabrics and American Eagle.  Along with that nifty bar code scanner app to help me find the best deal and see the reviews of products before I buy.  I also love the  Good Reads app for when I am at the library looking for books to read and I cant remember the author or book name.  Of course I also have the Craigslist app which has come in handy many a times.  This phone is awesome and I'm so glad it's mine!

Pinned Image
Ange@thebloominghydrangea  via Sakina Sims via

I really wanted to add boobs to the things I want list but that  would've been kind of weird and I have the money to get some.  I also wouldn't voluntarily put myself through an unnecessary surgery cause I'm a big chicken. Was that TMI?
Thanks for letting me share some randomness with you all today. It was great fun visiting and I hope you'll stop over and say hi!


Thank you so much for sharing Ange!!!  I will also take a cute owl with glasses!  Check her out daily at The Blooming Hydrangea!!!



p.s.  Shoot me an email at if you are interested in sharing also!


  1. Enjoyed your post! Those boots are to die for. If I bought them, it would bring my total to 4 pairs!

  2. Thanks Patience for featuring me today, this was so much fun! I'll keep my eye out for some owls with glasses for us. Wonder how we would ship that? ;)

  3. Great post for sure!! Love your bbff, I've never thought of that. It's funny how you follow blogs and you feel like you know the blogger on the other side personally.
    Look forward to checking out your blog and following along....have a great weekend!!


  4. Such a fun post! I would love a camera,too and the owl with glasses is hilarious.Love Ange's blog..she has undertaken some very interesting projects which look amazing.



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