Monday, December 12, 2011

Kiddie rooms

With our youngest turning 18 months this Thursday....I can't help but starting planning in my head what his kiddie room should look like.  One thing is for sure....mama will be making him an upholstered headboard.

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I am swooning over the fabric mixing in this photo.  The headboard is to die, right?

I'm also toying with the idea of putting 2 twin beds in his room, you know, for all the sleep overs he will be having with his friends. 

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Delish combo of orange and blue, definitely one of my all time favs.  I still remember being in art class making mosaics with this specific color combo.

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nail head trim=glorious.

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Couldn't leave out another combo I can't get enough of, emerald and mustard.  The shape of the headboard and the Dwell studio trellis pillow gets me every time!

Kage is still sleeping in his crib....and honestly, until he is too tall or can monkey climb out like his sister, I plan on keeping it that way.  But there is no harm in getting a jump start, right? 

For all you mama's out there, what age did you transition?



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  1. Oh the headboard in the first picture is AMAZING. I LOVE IT!! No kiddies yet but really looking forward to the decorating that goes with it (wait, that sounds wrong, I am looking forward to motherhood first of course but yeah, the decor too! lol).

    Also, and I do realise this is just my incredibly warped brain.. but does it look like the two stuffed animals on the bed are humping? I asked my OH and he said, "Oh yeah, definitely". However, he is my OH and we may both have slightly warped brains!!! lol



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