Thursday, December 8, 2011

Things I wants.......Hyphen Interiors!!

Say hello to the amazing Kristy!!!  I must say I'm so sad I didn't get to meet her in person before she leaves AZ, but thankfully, I can still read her blog!  Major blog crush here.  I'm drooling over all the pics she's sharing today.


I’m Kristy from Hyphen Interiors, a little blog where I share about my projects, sometimes client projects, trends and other home centric things.

I was excited when Patience invited me to participate in her series on wants.   What am I wanting right now?  There really isn't a lot... But, our Phoenix home just sold and we are moving to Austin in just one week!  So, of course, that has me thinking about how I’d want to decorate my next house and what I may want to put in it.  My tastes change so often that by the time we find a home to buy in Austin, this may no longer be my wants.  But, for now I’m loving some certain things.  You may be able to see a pattern on this pin board

At the moment, I’m really loving industrial with a bit of rustic and glam.   That means changing up the current decor that we have in the home we are selling once we get into a new home.

When I think of this style, kitchens come to mind first.  These are some photos that I find inspiring.

Pinned Image

Jackson Metal Tub Chair | World Market

 We’re looking forward to seeing what and where we end up how we can make it pretty.  It took us 10 months to find this home, so it could be a while and my tastes could change between now and then.  But this is what I’m crushing on at the moment.  Thanks for having me!!


Can't get enough of the adorable Kristy?  I thought so.  Head on over to Hyphen Interiors and say hello! 


  1. I love ALL of this! I was just talking about this today, trying to pull industrial, glam, and rustic all together in our home. This is why I love Kristy's blog!

  2. Love rustic industrial mixed with a more feminine, glamorous asthetic. My dining table has exactly the same lines as the ones she's shown above :) xx



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