Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tuesday at my home....

So a while back I found this amazing lamp from gw for $2.50.  If you've been following for a while, you know I'm ridiculously addicted to thrifting, with GW 50% off day being a regular stop for me.

Here is the before:

It was kind of a mess in its previous life.

After a coat of gold spray:

 This is a little snap shot of my ever changing work space.  I can't lie, I wish it was this clean all the time, usually there are pictures the kids drew, mail, or the lists of things I want/need to accomplish.

I was lucky enough to win the sweet lamp shade from a giveaway hosted by Shelli at A' la mode.  Pretty much took me forever to actually spray the lamp and add the shade, still not sure why I procrastinated.   The end result makes me squeal and possibly jump up and down with excitement.  The shade was made by the fabulous Dana Quist of Lamp Shade Designs.  You can get yours here.



*photos by Patience


  1. Oh that is such an awesome goodwill find. I often stalk the lamp section for a lamp with a simple shape but usually find the ornate ones. Good transformation:)

  2. What a pretty shape! And that lamp shade is GORGEOUS.

  3. Oh that's gorgeous and the shade perfect. What a sweet office space you have! Our office desk has a big black printer and a big black monitor and little else thanks to my boyfriend - he won't allow anything pretty on it lol xxx



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