Thursday, January 19, 2012

things I wants......Swoon Worthy!!!!

Swoon Worthy

One of my favs ever, Red {thats what I call her} from Swoon Worthy is here to share some fab things on her want list.  Our style is so similar, sometimes I  think she can read my mind.  BTW, she lives in the UK {LUCKY} and one day, I will force a visit on her.  Not creepy or anything.


Hello my Laquered Lovelies!  (What? She doesn't call you guys that?  Just me then?  Hmm.  Okay.)

I'm feeling very very honoured today to hang out at Patience's gaff as they say here in the UK.  I'm Kimberly (aka Redlilocks) from Swoon Worthy and I have a varying list of wants that changes practically daily.  I'm a bit of a magpie and have the attention span of a 4 year old.  Not the best combination for my bank account.

Anyway, on with the list...

I love personalised anything and these calligraphy necklaces from Brevity are just absolutely divine!  (Do you think it's a sign that they have my name?  I think it's a sign.)

I've been obsessing over a yellow headboard in my bedroom for ages and I'm kind of in love with Patience's headboard so something like this would be absolutely amazing.  I'm sure I'd sleep better too.

via listography

What's next on my list?  Well, I do believe that every room should have a sense of humour - I don't think I'd feel entirely comfortable in an interior that seemed too stuffy to me.  So this neon sign hanging above the headboard from Rockett St George would just be totally perfect!  The wall behind my bed is also black and I love the effect of the glowy letters illuminating the darkness...  Of course, it might give my boyfriend some ideas as well but we won't talk about that implication.  This is a family blog for goodness sake.  Get your mind out of the gutter.

Ahem.  Moving on then... I've spent some time obsessing over this gorgeous mirror from Graham and Green.  I love the shape, the antiqued gold and the glamour this promises to bring my home.

Getting back to pretty things to wear, I came across this gorgeous wrist cuff on etsy the other day.  It's inspired by a Sherlock Homes' quote that says, "Life is infinitely stranger than anything which the mind of man could invent."  Indeed!

And one last thing (I know, I know, I'm being greedy here but allow me to indulge this one last want - nay NEED)...  I would love to have a caravan.  We live on a tiny Victorian street in England.  There is absolutely no way we'd have the room to store a caravan (indeed, we don't even have a driveway, we all just park on the street in a sort of neighbourly unsaid understanding that everyone parks in front of their homes).  But still, I wants it.

via conversation pieces

Well, I've probably outstayed my welcome but just wanted to say a very big thank you to Patience for allowing me such an indulgence and for her lovely readers who came along for the ride!


Thank you so much for sharing!!!  Check out Swoon Worthy....its a must read for me!




  1. that headboard is awesome! and that wrist cuff is adorable and an everyday where- love it!

  2. Lovely list! I'll take one of each too!

  3. Thank you so much for having me my dear!! You are welcome anytime ya like, just give me 20 minutes notice so I can warn the thrift shops that we're coming!!! ;) xxx

  4. what a lovely blog! omg the neon lucky is killing me. i love. and the sherlock holmes cuff. seriously, red, you're eye is beyond keen.

    how i would love to see your little victorian neighborhood!


  5. A gorgeous girl with gorgeous style, clearly!! Can I make your want-list my want-list?! :-)

    Meera xx



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