Saturday, January 21, 2012

5 things....

I am ridiculously excited about this week!!!!!

1.  Prob the most exciting....I have my first real sponsor!!!  Booyah!!!  If you are in Washington state, Christina Mae Photography is perfect for all your photo needs!!!

Lovely Sponsors

2.  I've been able to enjoy the sunrise almost every day, huge thanks to our 19 monther...but oh man is it gorgeous.  I snapped these pics while have bfast and coffee.

3.  As much as I'm dying to have a closet the size of my bedroom {and just have a murphy bed.  dead serious}, I can't get over how perfectly eclectic this little closet it.  It's inspiring me to really pare down, simplify things if you will.  I am ridiculously guilty of holding on to clothing.

Pinned Image

4.  These Loubou's would be absolutely perfect to tie the knot in.  I know its not wedding Wednesday, but I just can't help it.  They are perfect.  Pink & crystal love.

Pinned Image

5. scarves......after seeing this, baby wants to run to the store and pick up 1 or 25.  Perfection in my book, especially for unwashed hair.

Pinned Image

Have a fabulous weekend!!!!




  1. Ohhh I love EVERTHING in this post!!

    1. Yay for Sponsors!!
    2. Love your pics, sooooo gorgeous. No one knows how to decorate quite as lovely as Nature :)
    3. Oh that closet. Who needs a dressing room if a closet can look THAT good?? I need me some chevron boxes. Totally pinned the hell out of that one.
    4. Get the shoes. They are ridiculously stunning. I had pink alligator platforms when I got married. They rocked.
    5. Love a scarf and do wear them as headgear but more in the summer. Inspired now to wear them during winter too because they are all kinds of cute.

    Mwah xxx

  2. I feel like that turquoise closet door would make anyone's closet one to treasure! Having great clothes helps too of course!



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