Friday, March 23, 2012

5 things.....

1.  Just had a fabulous time with family from WA, sad they are gone, but so thankful {broken record, I know} for the time with them.  It was just the break I needed from the day to day events, and really gave me some clarity on a few things that have been weighing on me.  Tons of things are in process as I type, spring cleaning, projects, and new things going on with the blog.  You may have noticed I added a Services and Shop tab, don't get too excited, as they are still in process blank.  I've been working on a few projects {mood boards, furniture up cycling, and personal shopping services} and have decided its something I'm extremely passionate about.  And what is better than doing something you love and making a career out of it?  Anyhoo, I'm extremely excited to officially launch.  Until then, I'll be doing some things for free, so if you're interested, email me.

2.  Macaroons=glam + delish
Pinned Image

Dying to attempt to make some.  Perfect for weddings and tea parties.

3.  I was having somewhat of an imperfect shitty day a few weeks back and Joshy Bobby surprised me with I lucky or what?  Immediately brightened my day, gold obsessed.
Pinned Image

4.  I really REALLY want to copy this diy leather tassel key chain that Jenny from LGN made.  Its perfection and I'm in need of a new key chain in the worst way.

5.  In addition to working on a dresser this weekend, we have a few of our favs coming over to have some kinect dance central fun.  Seriously the best and most fun work out ever, not sure why its not on our daily activity list.  Must rectify that immegiately.  Have any fun plans?

xx.  Patience


  1. I am SO EXCITED fOR YOU. SORRY for the bad keyboard experience. Anyways, we didn't catch up yesterday AND SO WE WILL TRY TODAY. lovE THE NEW PHONE CASE, IT IS VERY YOU. :)

  2. Sorry, I've been MIA lately but I just wanted to say YAY!! How exciting!! Best put that talent to use and make a few bucks in the process, eh? So pleased for you, can't wait til you launch! :)

    Oooh and I love that iPhone cover!! Your hubby is a keeper!! Gold obsessed here too as you know lol :) Hope you are having a fantastic week my darlin xxx

  3. Let's start with Kings room??!!!



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