Monday, March 12, 2012

When my baby becomes a toddler

I still can't quite believe it, but our 20 monther is officially a monkey.  He is climbing out of his crib.  After the initial panic passed...I got a little excited thinking about getting to create his toddler room!  This is our mood board so far. 

Kage's toddler room

Can't say I'm not just a little sad.  I was hoping this day wouldn't come for quite some time.  For the deets or to shop this look, go here.  Can't wait to keep you updated on our journey.  We plan on playing musical rooms with our kiddos, is going to be an adventure for sure!

xx.  Patience

P.S.  Have you heard of pinerly?  It's an organizational tool for your pins on Pinterest.  Ange from the Blooming Hydrangea mentioned it over the weekend, and I'm dying to see what its all about...the catch?  I need 5 friend to use my link to sign up.  So would you be a peach and hook me up?  Pleeeease?


  1. Love the mood board!

  2. Sweet mood board! I love the blue bedding with the orange rug.

  3. I love the mood board! So exciting! I've hooked you up baby, sounds interesting and with the amount of Pinning I do, it'd be rude not to :)



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