Friday, April 20, 2012

5 things...

It's been another one of those weeks where you blink and it's over. TGIF!!

1. The past 7 days have been amazing and filled to the brim with fun activities.

We had the opportunity to go play at Crackerjax with our kiddos and about a million others {12 to be exact, yikes} last Friday.

{this was the best pic I could try wrangling that many littles}

{I might need botox...}
And then as I mentioned before, we snuck out for some adult time dancing. 7 couples total...somehow we forgot to take more pictures...Let me tell you it's been a while, my feet were just a tad bit sore the next day.

2. Cheetah/jaguar (?) on the way!!! Ever since I spotted one in Lonny...I had to have one for myself. Perfect for match sticks or possibly bangles. Can't wait!

This little baby will be arriving in the next few days!!

3. It took me approximately 10 days to read the hunger games trilogy. I could not put it down {everyone that told me to read it ages ago, you were right, there, I said it}. I'm so sad they are over....any book recommendations?

4. I picked up a new face mask....after using it twice, I can see the difference already...pure magic.

5. Our youngest daughter came home from school and presented me with a gorg "bouquet", she emphasized the Q, thought it sounded better. Love her. She sure knows how to melt my heart.

Have a superb weekend!!

Xx. Patience


  1. Fun pics! :) You look beautiful as always! Have a great weekend, my parents arrive in a few hours.

  2. You are totally cute, definitely no botox necessary!! And your kids are just so cute (I love your boy's hat! Wicked!) ;)

    Looks like a great week - much more fun than mine which involved an awful lot of sitting in meetings. Kill me now, seriously...

    Have a gorgeous weekend my gorgeous bloggie mate! xxx

  3. Looks like fun! If you are looking for some good books or a book club, check out Amazon's book recommendations or NY Time's best sellers. That is always a good start.



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