Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tuesday at my home...

In addition to purging...like ridiculous amounts of purging and still sooooo much more to go, we snatched up this table and chairs set.  I know, curse these awful pics...they are from the CL post, as we haven't had a chance to snap a few yet.  I know what you're thinking...wasn't I just talking about collecting chairs to have a medley of mixed chairs...yes, yes I was/am.  Indecisive much?

Those of you that have been following, are well aware of my addition to bamboo furniture.  I've been dying to get my hands on some chairs for some time now.  These aren't exactly what I had in mind, but the price was right, and once I add this fabric that I found after Erin from Clementine and Olive {thanks doll} shared this fab fabric source.

Thinking bright shiny white and that charcoal fabric will make these the set I want.  That's the table base...in case you're wondering and it has a glass top.  Not dead set on it, but willing to give it a try, if not, I have another table in the garage on reserve.  Who does that?  This girl.

How's this for some perrrrfect inspiration?  swoon

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Any one else in a frenzy like myself at the moment?  Just me?

xx.  Patience


  1. Oooh you know I LOVE a bit of faux bamboo me - those chairs will look fabulous with a bit of lovin! I have to share with you something I found today but I'm gonna be all secretitive and email you because I'm sneaky like that (and scared someone else will snatch it)!!

    And yes, it's a good thing I don't have much storage space because I would be a HOARDER of good furniture deals! xxx

  2. LOVE the chairs!! And I do that too! I have furniture on reserve in the garage, the basement....ya know, you have to switch the furniture with the seasonal decor!! Can't wait to see them all finished!!

  3. Love that set!! I'm a sucker for the faux bamboo too!



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