Friday, June 1, 2012

5 things....

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1. Leaving with my girls this morning for VEGAS!!! Omg, so excited! I know, total rain man moment counting down every day. I know I'm going to miss my babies so bad {Joshy Bobby is included in that}. 

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2. Last Saturday our washer was having some issues....let me just say 6 days of not being able to wash clothes, has me so thankful its working again. Not to mention, mount laundry was taking over, I usually do 1 load at minimum a day. I did 6 loads yesterday, and there is still at least 2-3 more.   This is what I keep reminding myself:

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3. Remember the print from yesterday? Well, she emailed me to let me know her shop is having a 40% off sale ending today {ENTER CODE - LDA40ENJOY}. I scooped up these 2 prints. Gorg, right? And she happens to live in Sydney does my brother!!! {and my dad is visiting there right now, lucky!!}

Ikat Oz Print   A3Verao Watercolour Print  A3

4. I got my Vegas nails going on!!

5. Ok, you know I couldn't share 5 things without 1 being my kiddos....ring around the rosy!!

Have a fantastic weekend!!



Vegas, Vegas, VEGAS!!!!


  1. Have fun in Vegas! Wish I could join you!!! Those nails are too gorgeous and love the kiddos doing the ring around the rosey. What's up with laundry taking over for us this week? HA! Glad you didn't get lost in Mount Laundry and the washer is working again! Hope you have a fabulous weekend friend!

  2. I can't believe you're going to vegas without me (c; That is going to be a BLAST!!! I love that quote up there, I'm sure it will be day! ha! How sweet are your kiddos all playing together?!? I really hope mine can do that someday! (c: Have a blast in VEGAS!!!



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