Monday, July 30, 2012

Family photos

After tying the knot in Washington, we decided to have some family photos done. My friend Tina took some fab shots of us. You can read about it and see the rest of the photos on her blog here.

It was a blast. So thankful for such a talented friend. Family photos mean the world to me and she did a ridiculously spectac job capturing the kids personalities. Cheesy, I know.

Have a fabulous week!!!

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  1. Ah, love these pics so much! You guys really have such a beautiful family!!!

  2. Beautiful! Such a gorgeous family, you should be very proud :) xxx

  3. These are so fantastic...I want to see the ones of the individual kiddies! And I can justly call you Mama Sassy Pants in those (c; Looking every bit the pretty and hip mommy! That last one of the kids is just too can tell I'm feeling hormonal/sensitive with all the kindergarten drama because I just totally got teary eyed with that quote at the end. I'm so lame.



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