Monday, July 23, 2012

Hello stranger!

I know what you're thinking....I've been a little MIA on the blog....ok, you caught me, super MIA. In all fairness, I was in a wedding frenzy that continued into vacay with my family...that went out with a bang in Vegas, celebrating a girlfriends 30th. It was also like a mini honeymoon before ours in October. To be honest, I still haven't recovered.  That fun.  But, you know I love you right?  I just can't stay away...too long.

I'll be sure to share more than enough wedding photos over the next few months...prob more than you'll ever want to see. It was truly a magical experience for us, our family and close friends. Even if things didn't go exactly as planned, it was perfect for us. And somehow I think I managed to avoid turning into bridezilla and role with punches. Someone give this girl a trophy. Or perhaps a medallion.

Without further is a sneak peek.

Yup, thats my hottie.  So far, for ever and EVER has been pretty effing fantastic.




  1. Oh man, I love that second photo, too gorgeous for words girl! You two make a fabulous couple and I don't think I'll get enough of the wedding photos so keep 'em coming! Glad you have been having a great time while MIA, I've been MIA as well, it's summer, right? Miss you!

  2. Congratulations!

  3. YAY!!! And she's got wedding piccies! Oooh goodness me, girl, you looked amazing and Joshy Bobby looks absolutely adorable in his converse!! Love it! Cute, stylish, elegant with a bit of humour, it's all good :)

    Can't WAIT to see more pics so bring it, baby. Congrats a million times over and sending big smoochie kisses across the miles xxx

  4. GAH!!! Yay, finally the gorgeous wedding pics!!! Sorry, I was out of town when these bad boys went up, but holy were completely stunning, girl! And the hubbs couldn't look more dashing (c; You had a fantastic photographer, they definitely captured these sweet little happy for you, doll, CONGRATS!!!



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