Friday, August 10, 2012

5 things....

{first day of school}

1. Maddie's 10!!! We had her family bday dinner on her actual birthday, and tonight she is having a slumber party with a few of her best girlfriends. Say a little prayer for us.

2. Hoping to try this homemade clean doggie food recipe I saw on a house in the hills. I'll be sure to let you know how it goes.
3. These are some of my fav people ever!!

4. I'm really starting to feel like a glass of wine or a cocktail in the evening is my new favorite tradition with my husband. Especially after my cousin told me our grandparents had martini's after their kids {our parents  were in bed}. Love that couple time with bonus beverage!! Feel free to share some yummy recipes with me!!

and I think I need this spectac gold mustache tumbler set to add to our bar cart...

5. If you live in Washington, please consider attending this event. My heart aches for families with loved ones battling cancer. Especially when they are the same age as my children.




  1. i luv ur blog - i found u while googling gray kitchen cabinets - i'm doing mine! want wait to dig in!

  2. We were sharing a drink (me - a glass of wine; him - a beer) every day after a long day's work and we've only just decided that we need to stop drinking (oops). I still see it as a treat but only Fri/Sat/Sun now. Sigh.

    Cocktail fav at the moment: Disaronno, Cranberry Juice and Fresh Lime = YUM! xxx



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