Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Last night we went to check out flooring....again. We haven't been brave enough to pull the trigger in the past, and this time, I think we finally found what we want. We even scheduled for them to come out and measure this Saturday. The best news is that Home Depot is offering a sweet deal for installation, instead of $2 per square ft, they are offering $397 total. So if you're in the market for flooring and are like us {not enough time to install}, get in there ASAP. Can you guess which one we chose?

It will be for the main floor of our home, minus the bathroom. Upstairs we are having a hard time deciding between carpet and wood/laminate. On one hand, I love how comfy carpet is, but I feel like it gets sooooo painfully dirty. I love the thought of just having area rugs that can be dry cleaned or shampooed instead. However with our gaggle running around upstairs, it might be quite noisy. Has anyone replace flooring recently? Anything they wish they could do over or change?

These images from my pinterest leave me thinking I'd be crazy to put in anything but wood. So gorg. And I'm obsessed with the idea that I could swap out rugs to give it a fresh look.

On a side note, I've been super into being Susie homemaker. Attempting to be more creative in the kitchen while eating as clean as possible.


  1. i am drooling... good food, pretty rooms....

  2. I soooo wish we could redo the wood flooring upstairs (wall to wall carpet covers it all) but W is dead against it (sigh). He likes the softness of carpet underfoot and thinks wood will be too noisy and cold. I suppose he has a point there but I hate the carpet - it's stained and nasty and ugly (and inherited by the previous owners). Alas, if I had the choice, I'd rip it all out. Can't wait to see what you choose, how exciting! We actually just chose flooring for the cellar & I can't wait to get it installed! xxx



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