Monday, September 24, 2012

Happy Monday!!!

This past weekend was just what the doctor ordered. With equal parts of fun and organizing...ok a little more fun than actual organizing went on, but I'm feeling recharged and ready to take on the week.
{we shared a red rope at the movie}
{playing at the park}
Our big kids either stayed at a friends house or had a friend over both nights and we went to an outdoor movie at their school. Topped off by a mostly relaxing Sunday filled with family time, my fav!!! Liv prepared her famous veggie soup for dinner on Sunday, followed by a family movie: Little shop of horrors.
{Liv cookin'}
{it turned out super delish, chef in the making!!}

Hope you had a fantastic weekend!!!


P.S.  Not quite sure how to feel about Kohl's thinking its appropriate to have Christmas stuff


  1. love these pictures! looks like u had a great weekend!

    Xo Meghan

  2. Love the cute little chef and the meal looks fab! And yes, WAY too soon for Christmas decorations, it seems to get earlier every year ;) xxx

    1. It was so good!

      I mean don't get me wrong, I love Christmas more than the average person....but we're a month out from Halloween still come on.



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