Thursday, November 29, 2012


After seeing this on pinterest, I'm fully convinced I need a gold {rose or yellow} and black watch. 
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Like yesterday.  Loving these 3.
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I bought these for my bridal party loves....and to this day I still regret not getting one for myself.
I currently can't get enough of these prints.  Be still my heart.  Working on incorporating them into a few rooms in our home.  Thinking they might be amazing in either my tiny walk in, or our girls' room.  Leigh Viner is pure genius. 
Cricket - Fashion Illustration Art Print
Insouciant  - Fashion Illustration Art Print
31 Rue - Chanel Paris Street Scene Watercolor Art Print
I've been in the process of begging negotiating with Joshy bobby for another sofa.  This one caught my eye on CL.
Thinking these would need to move into our home along with the sofa.  Right?
Leopard Velvet
or maybe this one?
Have a fantastic Thursday loves!!!


  1. Honest to god, woman, some days it's like you are just peering into my brain (which would be very dangerous - and possibly embarrassing indeed).

    I've been checking out Michael Kors watches recently (thinking cheeky Christmas pressie request) and I saw some of the black face ones...yum.

    I love that little fortune cookie, it's so stinking cute. Now I want one of those too.

    Also, I have been in love with that first print since I spied it on Bijou & Boheme (have you seen this? Want.

    Love that sofa, the shape is fab. And totally needs that cushion. Yes.

    Just yeah. All of it. Go. Do it.




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